Put More Life Into Your Life

How Ordinary People Can Live Extraordinary Lives

Put more life into your life will help you deliberately create the good life that you deserve. This book teaches you universal principles and how you can apply them into your everyday lives. These practical lessons can be used by everyone. The quality of your life is in your hands. Change the way you think, and you change your life.

Primarily geared towards women, this book encourages women to take care of themselves and put themselves first.

About the Author

After finishing her university education, Lorna A. Bartlette jumped into the business world to discover that wealth-building demanded a whole other kind of intelligence. So, while she learned business from the inside, Lorna began purchasing real estate. Eventually moving into a sales career, she continued to build wealth through property acquisition, and pursued a fulfilling life through self-development, world travel, and relationship-building.

In 2016, Lorna decided to leave the corporate world and continue her quest for an extraordinary life. She developed a private oasis in the Virgin Islands, and began bringing in people for rest and quiet relaxation. Lorna still travels the world, leads an exciting life, and is now the author of this fabulous new book: Put More Life in Your Life: How Ordinary People Can Live Extra-Ordinary Lives.

Put More Life Into Your Life

How Ordinary People Can Live Extraordinary Lives

Chapter 1: Disrupt the mundane and monotony of your life

This teaches you the creative process. Use imagination and visualization to manifest your desires.

Chapter 2: Create a Bucket List and Anticipate New Worldwide Experiences

What is your passion? What brings you joy? Create these experiences.

Chapter 3: Reinvent Yourself with New Skills

Create a new career, learn a new skill or take classes for entertainment. Create a new world from your computer.

Chapter 4: Gardening with Your Own YouTube Channel

Gardening can provide many positive benefits. Grown your own food, beautify your home with plants. Showcase your home garden on Youtube.

Chapter 5: How to Thrive with Less Anxiety and Stress

Discover the power within through mediation and spiritual growth. Discover the peace and prosperity within you.

Chapter 6: Radical Self-care

Happiness, peace and joy are necessary for your well-being.  Self-care is self-love.

Chapter 7: Transformation

Living a transformed life is possible when you apply these everyday lessons to your life.

Chapter 8: The Creative Principle: Be Do Have

Understand this principle and you will create a fabulous life.

Chapter 9: Become Your Own Masterpiece

Fall in love with yourself.

Chapter 10: Living a Transformed Life

What would life be if you could create the ideal life? Do it. You can have it.

Put More Life Into Your Life

How Ordinary People Can Live Extraordinary Lives

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